02 February, 2012

Side Crow on the side

Today was a planned day off.

I brought my yoga clothes to work just in case. But it turned out that I am feeling a bit of a strain in my left lat muscle. Pretty much all the way from its insertion point low on my back, up my side. Not sure how exactly it happened. Maybe I slept wrong. Maybe it was from planks or dolphins. But it's minor and I am not worried about it.

Nonetheless, today I has a yoga breakthrough. Side Crow in my girlfriend's living room. She just learned it last week and she has been dying to show me. I have never tried it because it looked impossible to me. But the other day she demonstrated it and explained how it works. So today I was feeling curious and a little playful, and I just dropped to the floor and did Side Crow. Just like that. I fell once or twice but managed to do it on both sides. Even with an injured lat.

I am seeing a pattern of learning to do poses I previously said I'd never do.

What's next?

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