22 February, 2012

Send that energy out to the universe

Last night was Hatha with Angie.

My mind was on my sister last night. I don't really know how to send a dedication, or set an intention, or channel love to a person without actually thinking about them, and losing "The Moment" to thoughts and memories. But I tried. And I found out this morning that my sister died last night. For all I know, I was sending that energy out to the universe at the very same moment that she returned to molecular universe.

There's nothing spiritual in me, or in my practice. I can't subscribe to it. When we talk about "energy," I interpret that to be "thoughts." I don't have any expectation that this energy travels across the universe, and arrives in someone else's doorstep. For me, I interpret this sending of energy as sort of an internal ritual. It's about respect. It's about meaning. The experience is entirely personal. But I believe that when we allow ourselves these personal, deep experiences, we create a kind of energy in ourselves that has the potential to do something that we might call "shining" in such a way that it affects others in a positive way.

It was a pretty easy class. There was not much struggle. Angie kept the room at a pretty comfortable temperature, and she set a very peaceful, relaxing pace to the class.

What lies ahead for the next 4 days is a different kind of practice. Being present, with a grieving family, whom I have not seen for a long time. Often, these visits stir up the old stuff that is hard. But I feel ready.

I guess there is not much more to say.

It's time for Dekasana...

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