01 February, 2012

It's got what plants crave

Today was the noon Vinyasa class with Cassandra.

It turns out, electrolytes work. Or at least they are an effective placebo. This morning I decided that I should give electrolytes a try. I keep hearing people say they make a huge difference. Since I sweat more than most people and I seem to take a very long time to recover after class, I am really willing to try anything. So... This morning I woke up and decided to make my own electrolyte enhanced water. How hard could it be? Looked up a recipe online. It said 0.5 tsp baking soda, 0.5 tbsp sea salt in 1L water. Easy as pie. I mix it up. Taste it. And it is like vile sea water. WTF?! I research further and discover that the one website had a bogus recipe. Should have been 0.5 tsp sea salt. Not tbsp. whoops. By this point I had no time to mix more. But I did have some Emergen-Cee which is essentially electrolytes. So I brought that. Drank it all morning. Took Cassandra's noon class. And strangely, I struggled a little less than usual, and recovered more quickly. I am not sure it was the electrolytes but I am now curious to see if it keeps working.

Her class was a-ma-zing as usual. Very small today, only a dozen or so people which was kind of nice. Pretty standard routine though she added some tricky dolphin poses and extended planks.

Quote of the day: "Surrendering is not giving up. It's just accepting whatever is."

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