09 February, 2012

I survived another Kathy class!

Today was Power Vinyasa with Kathy.

Actually, the title of this blog is intended to be a little bit tongue-in-cheek. One of my first yoga experiences ever was as a guest at Urban Yoga Spa. I think it was the second time I had ever been there. And it was a Kathy class. Kathy is the owner of UYS, and she is well-known for teaching intense classes. If you have never done hot yoga, any class can be quite a challenging experience. And if you have never done hot yoga, a power vinyasa class can be quite a shock, especially if you were expecting to be showing up for some sort of relaxing, meditative, therapeutic experience. The best way of describing power vinyasa is that it's a cross between aerobics, boot camp, with a hint of 12-step program thrown in for good measure. I'm being facetious (sort of), and probably making the experience sound a bit more cultish than it actually is (it's only a little bit cultish).

So, for the longest time, I pretty much dreaded Kathy classes. For a while, I avoided them. I would look at the schedule, and think "Ok, I guess I am doing Hatha this Thursday, because I am sure as hell not doing Kathy's class!" And it was because of the memory of that incredibly challenging experience way back in the beginning.

I've been going to Urban Yoga Spa for about 4 months now. I am not sure exactly how many classes I've done, but I would venture to guess that I've averaged 5 times a week, and more like 6 times in the past couple of months. And, with all those hours under my belt, I now find that the dreaded Kathy class is really no more difficult than a Whitney class, or a Cassandra class (and they're instructors whom I would never think "Boy, I better avoid that class -- it's gonna be too difficult"). In reality, I've had my ass kicked by both of them in the past couple of weeks, so the notion is all in my head.

The cool thing is this: I've progressed. I've grown. My practice is slowly developing. I don't need to be afraid of a Kathy class anymore, because now I can do it. And the most exciting part of it is actually the fact that I can let go of that dread. It's one more thing I conquered in my mind. And that recognition makes me want to take on more challenges, knowing that what's "impossible" today will become reality tomorrow.

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