26 February, 2012

Home is where UYS is

Today was Hatha with Diane.

My first day back in town after the trip east. Though I was tired, and class was hot, it was really good to be back on the mat, in my "home studio." It is much more amenable than my bedroom carpet.

It was a very packed Sunday afternoon class. I am told that this is because afternoon Vinyasa has been on hold for several weeks during the Intensati series. Thus, there's a big spillover into Hatha.

My muscles were very tight. I noticed that being on an airplane has rapid negative effects. Neck, legs, low back, hips. All extra-tight. And I flew twice in the span of 4 days, so it was even worse. And I slept in an uncomfortable bed, so it goes. You get the picture.

My balance was not great. But I am not surprised. It's been a hard week. I am not going to worry about the tightness. A few days and I will be fine.

I am waiting for the emotional aftermath of the trip to hit. Diane's class is mellow. The energy is peaceful. But it does not tap into that well that I know is there. That is not the type of energy in her class. She is calming. It is good for me. Now. First loosen the muscles. Later, go deeper.

But it's coming soon.

I am sort of thinking Wednesday... Maybe around 6:45pm.

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