05 February, 2012

Going with the flow

Today was supposed to be 90 minutes of Hatha with Erin.

But... we accidentally showed up an hour early, confusing the schedule.

So, it ended up being Power Vinyasa with Cassandra.

No problem. What better way to be ready for whatever comes, than to take a completely different class than I was planning on taking, right?

The one thing that made today extra-challenging was that I had decided yesterday to do some upper-body work at home, having missed yoga. I knew I'd be doing Hatha today, so it was no big deal if my arms were sore. But, of course, instead of Eagles and Trees, I ended up doing Planks, and Downward Dogs, and Crows. Let's just say that my arms and chest were screaming from fatigue (actually, we did Tree today, too).

Today, I loaded up on electrolytes just before class again, and I think it had an impact on my energy and recovery. But I would be pretty suspicious at this point that it's placebo effect.

Toward the end of the class, I really tried to focus my attention on not losing patience, and not thinking ahead. It worked pretty well. It was helped by the fact that Cassandra had us in standing series for about fifty minutes today, so by the time we hit the floor, class was over. It was odd because it didn't feel like we did more than usual when standing, but it must have just been spending a long time in poses.

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