13 February, 2012

Feeling special

Today was Power Vinyasa with Jo.

The class was completely packed. I cannot even venture to guess how many people were in there. 85? 90? I arrived with a little time to spare, but decided to opportunistically (and strategically) take the spot directly in front of the exit, because I knew that a) Jo's class is going to be hard and hot, and b) A room full of 90 people is only going to make it that much hotter.

It turned out to be a very good idea.

The class was intense, and challenging, and interesting. But it was also fun. And the best part of all, and what makes me say that I felt special today, was that I was the lucky recipient of a whole lot of hands-on adjustments from the assistants in the class. In the past, I have only had an instructor briefly pass by me and make tiny adjustments, such as pushing my back down while I'm in Child's Pose, or lifting my leg a little higher when I'm in a balance pose. But today was a whole other story. For several poses, such as Downward Dog, Upward Dog, Warrior I, Warrior II, I had a full-time coach observing, and making subtle (and not-so-subtle) adjustments to my hips, my back, my arms, my shoulders. In some way, it felt like having a guardian angel in the pose with me. There was this feeling of gentle, caring, delicate grace. It simultaneously made me want to relax more into the poses, but also want to give it my all, and see how well my body could accommodate these adjustments, some of which were attempting to make my muscles and joints move just a little more, just a little further, just a little differently than they unconsciously want to go.

Having this type of attention, and these type of adjustments makes class even more enjoyable. With 90 people in a room, I don't know how it was possible for someone to spend time on any one person, but I guess time moves more slowly than one would think, and there's time enough to spread that attention around.

At the very end of class, in Savasana, I felt hands on me one more time. A soft press of my shoulders down, a light massage... I'm still holding tension there, even when supposedly at rest. That touch makes me realize that there's a little more to go, in terms of letting go.

The class itself was a whole lot of Chair poses, and a lot of Warrior poses (I am reminded from a recent class that Chair actually is a Warrior pose -- the first of the Warrior poses -- so fierce, that it does not even have a name -- I loved that description).

It's been a couple of good days now.

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