30 January, 2012

Falling behind in the count

Today was Hatha with Bret. Truth be told, it was three days ago and I am falling a bit behind. I do not want to resign to not keeping up with every class so this will be a spotty effort to catch up. I can only get away with backdating my entries for so long before memory fails me. What do I recall? Awfully hard to say after three days. It was scorching hot in the room today, particularly second half of the class. I remember when I first started at UYS, I would get silently enraged at the instructor when it was hotter than I wanted it to be. I personally held it against them. I felt like they were either not comprehending or, worse, that they were sadistic! Now, I rarely feel that way. When it's hot, I assume that it's because it's hard to regulate and maintain temperature in these rooms. Especially in the winter. Even worse when it's crowded and humid. It's nobody's fault. It just is. And we are all experiencing the same heat. It's not me, suffering uniquely. And it's my choice to stay in the practice or to come undone and think think think about everything that is imperfect. So, then, as usual it was an enjoyable (if toasty) Bret class. No special achievements I can recall. But I will have better records going forward since I won't be falling behind after I catch up.

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