27 February, 2012

Double-shot of Lady Di

Today was Vinyasa with Diane.

Two days in a row. I don't usually have classes with same instructor on consecutive days and I usually would try to mix it up to keep things changing. In this case, however, it is a change because Diane is teaching Vinyasa today. I have never taken her Vinyasa class before, only Hatha.

The class has modest attendance, being a noon class. Blissfully, it is not very hot. In fact, one of the coolest classes I have taken. Probably high 80s or maybe 90 degrees.

I was curious what the energy would be for a Diane Vinyasa class. I expected mellow, and I was correct. This was a good thing, since I am still tired and sore.

We did a lot of basic flow and then moved to back strengthening on the floor after maybe 25-30 minutes. Back up to standing for a full set of balancing poses, then to the mat for stretches, Wheel, Bridge, and abdominal work.

It was a very balanced class. Easy because of the lack of heat.

I am trying to get the emotions triggered but they are not cooperating. Not coming yet.

No worries.

Wednesday is coming.

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