23 February, 2012

Cold Hatha

Today was Hatha, in my bedroom, in my underwear, alone.

I am in Boston. For 4 days. And not even really Boston. The suburbs. There is no yoga here. There are not even any Starbucks here! Apparently there was one and it went out of business!

So... I have a good memory. I know the sequence. I figured I would do just a little bit. But once I got started I realized I wanted to do the whole deal.

So I did. With no mirror. No mat. No heat. No water. Just me and the rug. I even did two sets of many of the exercises. All told, it was about a 70 minute "class." And I actually enjoyed it! It was interesting that things I assumed rely on the mirror for balance actually did not require it (Standing Bow, Tree).

And I must say I feel a little bit of honor and respect for myself for just doing it.

I did forget one thing though:


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