28 January, 2012

Self-imposed Savasana

Today was nothing, with nobody.

Today was staying in bed until almost 10am.

Last night, I went to bed with a slightly upset stomach, feeling the fatigue of the afternoon's class. As I lay in bed, I was thinking back to the Wednesday night back in Hawaii, where my better judgment was telling me "Maybe it's not such a great idea to do another yoga class at 7:30am tomorrow..." I didn't listen that time and, sure enough, I tweaked my lower back that next morning. My body needed rest, and I didn't listen.

So last night, there was a pretty emergent sense that I should not get up and go to yoga. Nonetheless, I still had it in my head that I would maybe be going to Bret's 9am Hatha class. Maybe.

Long story short, I woke up around 6am with what could only be described as a significant progression of the upset stomach, and it was a closed case. No yoga today. I struggled with a moment's guilt, but also realized that it's not a fantastic idea to have dedication bleed into obsession, at the expense of my health. And, even though I felt slightly better later in the day, I decided not to take a shot at the last class of the day.

The lesson from Hawaii taught me that I had better give my body rest when it's asking for it, or it will demand it in unceremonious fashion.

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