29 January, 2012

Part II: Hatha in the morning and Hatha at night

Evening Hatha class with Diane.

Today was my first ever "double" workout. It was not a back-to-back, though. As mentioned earlier, Erin's ninety minute Hatha class was in the morning, and I came back for more in the evening. This was not really something I decided to do because I thought it would be some fantastic idea to do two yoga classes, while still recovering from virus, food poisoning, or whatever it was. But I'd promised to go to the afternoon class with my girlfriend, and then found myself wanting to do the morning class. So... it just sort of worked out that way.

The amazing thing was that I felt great. I expected it would feel relatively easier just because it was only an hour, but assumed that would be vastly outweighed by the dehydration or fatigue of having done a morning class. Turns out, it just felt amazing. This class was in Studio A, the large room, which is mostly only Vinyasa classes. It's nice to have a big room for Hatha, and it's nice to have a large crowd, since usually Hatha classes only have 20-30 people. This class seemed to have between 50-60 people based on my rough count. 

Diane had us start out in Child's Pose, which is not the standard intro to Hatha. But, you know, it's little tiny differences like that, which can make a class feel different or interesting. There was a lot of energy in the room, and it just had a very light airy feel to it. 

Again, I found that Standing Bow is feeling very good. I am truly shocked that my low back has been doing as well as it has. At this moment, it does not feel like there's any remote evidence of the injury. I keep going on about this because last year, when a similar thing occurred on a trip, I ended up resorting to chiropractic to try to deal with the back pain. The result was that I had debilitating pain for many weeks, including a period of about 10 days where I could barely walk, turn, bend, sit, etc. I remember needing to crawl into my car head first because I couldn't bend and rotate to sit down. It was a bad scene.

I'm sure there's some element of the chiropractic having been a bad choice. There's also some likelihood that the nature of the tweaking was not exactly the same. But I can't help but feel like yoga is the primary difference between then and now. I am more flexible, more relaxed, and my back muscles and legs are getting stronger than they were before. 

The one downside of the double class is that I ended up feeling absolutely wiped out the entire night, after the class. It wasn't that I felt sick, particularly. Just really drained, and tired. 

I am asking myself if my body needs rest. Oddly, in spite of the feeling of tired, my body itself is not feeling run down. Though, I have been feeling quite depressed lately, most likely due to the weather and the season. This practice is keeping me barely in balance. 

When is winter over?

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