23 January, 2012

Having fun with it

Today was Hatha with Bret.

I wish every class were as easy as tonight's class. It's not that today was an easy class. But the experience was an easy one for me. It was very crowded. More than usual. Lots of new faces I had never seen in the Hatha class before, perhaps because there are only 8 days left to do the "30-Day Challenge" (Though, I found out a little secret from Gordy, one of the owners: you don't need to do 30 classes in 30 days. You have 60 days to do either 30 classes, or 60 classes. It helps to read the fine print!) Nonetheless, it was packed.

As I've mentioned before, Bret's style is very loose, creative, fun. And it seemed like the packed room actually fed into that energy tonight. He was weaving in between people, and he had a number of humorous observations and comments that had people actually laughing a bit. I'm sure he would note that, while laughing may not be allowed in a Bikram class, it's completely fair game in Hot Hatha at UYS.

There were many opportunities for adding flow sequences, and lots of people in the room were doing the extra poses, which also added energy and enthusiasm to the class.

The heat seemed to be back up into the typical range today, compared to the previous few times where Studio B was a little on the warm, rather than hot side.

I just really felt like everything about this class was perfect. I never even had to ask myself if I was "in the moment" because the moment was all around me, and the entire thing really just seemed satisfying and effortless. That's not to say it wasn't work, either. I came out of their drenched, and I can tell that my muscles are going to be sore.

The music was great tonight, too. Bret seems to go for a different soundtrack than most of the yoga classes. Tonight, we even had some Mazzy Star which, if you ask me, is perfect yoga music.

Not every day is going to feel like today. And I know that. I don't expect it to be otherwise. I can't even remember any particular pose that I want to call out, other than I seem to recall I had pretty good balance today in the Standing Bow, and that I'm actually bordering on shocked as to how quickly my low back is recovering from the tweak that I experience only eleven days ago. I feel grateful that my body heals.

Alright, lest I become too positive, I'll end this with one long "Om."


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